Infinity Glass Inc.
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"About Us"

Welcome to Infinity Glass Inc. located in the Central Valley of California. We have acquired the latest in fabrication machinery, and have become the source for quality fabricated glass and mirror products in the county of Kern. We have a reputation of professionalism, craftsmanship, and service. Our team has executed on the most challenging designs, delivered with speed, and the highest level of complete satisfaction. Our services include shower doors, mirrors, glass table tops, insulated units, and so much more! We specialize in glass edges, and in sandblasting, all fabricated in house. Here, we offer next day service. And provide delivery service at no cost for you.

"In-House Fabrication"

We have over a decade of experience in fabrication. Some fabrication operations that are preformed in-house are glass cutting, edge work, and polishing.

We have over 25 types of textured (pattern) glass. If in need of textured glass samples we will gladly provide them for you.


Infinity Glass Inc. specializes in custom shower doors. We also offer tub enclosures and framed showers. We also provide custom shower designs and custom configurations for any condition. Infinity Glass Inc. has a large variety of hardware you can choose from.

With our team of professionals we can bring your creativity to reality!

"Insulated Units"

Insulating units, more commonly known as "double glazing" or "double pane". Insulating units are high in quality. They consist of two or three glass panes separated by a vacuum or gas filled space to reduce heat transfer during hot weather, and to maintain heat in cold weather. Insulating units are commonly used in residential, commercial, and industrial constructions.



The beauty of a custom glass mirror from Infinity Glass Inc. is that you can customize to your exact specifications. When you order a customized mirror, we fabricate it in house. With our team of professionals you get exactly what you want and quick!

Here at Infinity Glass Inc. we also offer antique mirror, and colored mirror.

"Antique Mirrors"

Antique mirrors are those dating from previous eras that are considered collectable or valuable.